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Refer-a-colleague Vedilink Reward Program

Earn rewards and schwags by recommending Vedilink to your friends.

Written by Team Vedilink
Last edited 10/7/2021

Refer-a-colleague Reward Program

How it Works

Recommend Vedilink to your friends, and we’ll reward you for the new users you refer, you’ll get bumped up the priority access waitlist. The more friends you refer, the sooner you’ll get access and the rewards. The points depends on the number of people you’ve referred, as listed in the points table below.


Create an account on Vedilink with your name and email, preferably your school-issued email address.


Share your unique referral link with your network.


Get reward points for the eligible users you refer.


Visitor → Vedilink → Visitor navigates to Sign up (in this case ‘Sign up to Vedilink’ or ‘Early Access Program’) → Visitor becomes a member → Member completes the onboarding experience → Member receives a referral link which automatically puts him/her on the waitlist → Member is repositioned on the waitlist and put into consideration for winning incentives such as schwags and priority access based on the number of successful referrals (the number of people they’ve invited who also signed up for Vedilink Beta).


You earn a one time reward for every new user that you refer. The reward amount depends on the number of users you refer, as listed below.

Number of users referred Reward points per user
5 15
10 25
50 100

For example after 5 referrals, the reward points you get bumps up to 15 points per user. The default reward point is 10. After 50, you will receive priority invites and the opportunity to permanently partner with Vedilink and have access to upcoming new features that are still under development and a 6 month premium membership for free. If you share a verified professor who joins and gets verified, you’ll be receiving variable points between 100-150.

Referral FAQ

Where can I find my referral link?

When you sign up, you will receive an email with your referral link. You can view the dashboard after completing the user onboarding experience.

When will my schwags arrive?

We’ll notify you for your schwags via an email containing shipment/tracking details.


Sticker packs and Gift cards will be sent after meticulous scrutiny process. Scrutiny ensures that decision-making processes are clear and accessible to the public and that the people taking decisions are held accountable for those decisions.

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